Terms and Conditions

– Renter realize that Stand Up Paddle Surfing is risky and renter agree to accept this risk for all others participating under this agreement and hereby release SUP Rental Bali from any and liability for injury, damages or loss of any kind while renting board.

– Renter also agree to be responsible for any SUP Rental Bali equipment we are using and agree to keep said equipment from the reef and high surf area.

– Renter also agree if renter “rent a board/paddle/equipment without being accompanied by instructors” and when there is damage to the boards payment of repairs is renter responsibility. In event board is broken in half payment of USD 500 for repair is responsibility of renter.

– Lost or stolen board must pay retail price of board (-20%).

– Broken Paddle must pay Rp. 2,000,000.

Additional info :
Board should be free of sand and dirt when returned. Damage to be charged depend of how strong the damage. Please do not take the board in the water if they get dinged. If you do get an open ding that takes on the water, please contact us or bring back the board to us so we can exchange the board.

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