Stand Up Paddle Bali sport is growing so fast. Both for flat water paddling or even for performance SUP surf. If you are visiting Bali, you can save money by renting a high performance SUP board or a Beginner/Intermediatte SUP board, instead of bringing your own board and risking damage. Plus you can exchange board during the rental period depending on conditions. Please book in advance to make sure it is still available during the dates you are interested in.

All rates include board, leash, carbon paddle and car straps that you can use to transport boards even on a rental car without roofracks. Delivery and pick up service also available.  We need a copy of your passport or id. We want to make sure you are safe and enjoy your SUP experience in Bali. So we can give you some info about SUP spots in Bali start for Beginner/Intermediatte or for Performance Advance SUPer.


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